St.Anne’s on the Sea

29 June 2019, commencing 10.30 am

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This course is suitable for those who already teach bell handling and want to update their skills AND for those who have never taught anyone to handle a bell. It provides you with the skills and techniques necessary to take a ringer from their first lesson to having competent bell control.

Why should I go on an ART course?

LACR needs to respond to increased interest in ringing. We need to develop and expand the nucleus of teachers who can produce successful ringers over a condensed timescale. Learners need to make rapid progress. Learners who have not learned to handle the bell competently cannot enjoy participating successfully with the rest of the band in rounds, call changes or methods.

For people who are teaching already : The best ringing teachers are capable of learning from other ringing teachers. ART teaches good teachers to become even better teachers than they are already. They also need other teachers to come along and share the load.

For people who have never taught anyone to handle a bell before, this course will give you the soundest possible foundation for you to contribute to the development of ringing in your own tower or branch.