Current Ringing Status

As of Tuesday 30th November 2021, and in the light of the appearance of the new Omicron Coronavirus variant, the government has brought in the mandatory wearing of masks on public transport and in shops.

While at the moment there is no change to specific ringing guidance, we urge you to stick to the measures outlined below:

  • Insist that masks are worn when ringing in the tower
  • Be sensitive to those ringers who feel uncomfortable about having lots of people in the tower
  • Continue to sanitize hands before and after ringing and if changing rope
  • Recommend that all ringers take a Lateral flow test before joining a ringing session
  • Ensure good ventilation in the ringing chamber. Less ventilation = less ringing time!
  • Think carefully about whether you admit visitors - not part of the usual band - into the tower.
  • Check your local government guidance about COVID prevalence and if in doubt, don't ring.

  • The CCCBR has a summary of guidance here.

    The Central Council have issued a roadmap to ringing resumption (see "Latest News" article).

    CCCBR advice here

    ART Newsletters on recovery of bellringing after COVID are here

    ART Survival and Recovery Toolbox here

    ART article on Recovery Champions here

    The Lancashire Association is here to support its ringers through the issues posed by COVID.

    It offers advice on safe ringing and about ringing on line in the "Return to Ringing" link below.
    Also here there is a link to the LACR Review Group which is looking at reforms to our organisation, a link to our Training and Education resources, a link to the young ringers Lads and Lasses pages and a link to our Annual Report. Finally, there are links to our well-stocked Bookstall and to the fascinating mechanical Woodhouse Ringing Machine simulator.

    Training & Education

    LACR Review Group

    The LACR Review Group has

    been set up to investigate improving communication and effectiveness from the LACR to its members

    Their Spring 2020 report is here.

    Return to Ringing

    Information on

    Ideas on maintaining social contact Opportunities to continue ringing Latest advice from CCCBR Keeping towers for for future use Online learning material

    Lads and Lasses

    LACR 3Ls group trains young ringers.

    October Newsletter Download a copy

    Click here for details about the 3Ls


    Annual Report

    An electronic copy of the latest Annual Report is available here.


    The LACR's well stocked Bookstall
    Many titles available.- full list here.

    The Woodhouse

    Ringing Machine

    Derek Ogden

    Memorial Library