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  1. Today - 12-Bell Final Live Broadcast

    The Ringing World is pleased to be sponsoring this year’s live broadcast from the National 12-Bell Striking Contest Final at Great St Mary’s Church, Cambridge.

    Click here to listen live all day.

    You can hear all the contest ringing, plus interviews and commentary by presenter Matthew Tosh.

  2. National 12-Bell Striking Contest for the Taylor Trophy

    The final of the 2018 contest will be held on Saturday, 23rd June at Great St Mary’s, Cambridge.

    Further information is available at http://www.12bell.org.uk/.

    Everyone is welcome, whether participating or not!

    Don’t forget to like the competition on Facebook and follow @National12bell on Twitter.

  3. David Hull to be new RWNYC Chief

    The Ringing World is delighted to announce the appointment of David Hull as the next Ringing World National Youth Contest Organiser. David has been involved in the youth contest since 2012 as a team co-leader firstly with the Yorkshire Puds (jointly with Jennie Town) and latterly with the Yorkshire Tykes (jointly with Jane Lynch). He was also chief Local Organiser when the contest was held in York in 2013.

    In his day job David works as a senior manager at the University of York, where he has a wide remit encompassing project management, strategic planning and risk assessment. He has been tower captain at St Wilfrid’s RC Church in York since 2002, organising the band for Sunday ringing and practices, as well as numerous tower outings and social events. The band has a number of young ringers, including some who David has been teaching to ring using the ART training scheme. David’s wife, Alison, and their two children also ring in York: son Ewan has rung in the RWNYC every year since 2012 and daughter Eliza hopes to take part in the future.

    David created and helps to maintain the RWNYC website, and he is also Archivist for the National Twelve-Bell Striking Contest. He has recently undergone Church of England Safeguarding training provided by York Minster. A nationally known ringer, conductor and composer with a wide range of contacts in the Exercise, David will be building on the dedicated work of Linda Garton, who retires from the position of Organiser at the end of the 2018 RWNYC on 7th July.

    David said: “The RWNYC is one of the big successes in ringing from the last ten years. It is an excellent day that provides a focus for teams of young ringers, both in competing against and socialising with other ringers their own age from across the country. It has also been the stimulus for the creation of some of those groups. I am very pleased to be taking over the reins as contest organiser from Linda,and thank her for her considerable work over the last few years.”

    Robert Lewis, Editor

  4. Long footnotes

    When submitting performances for print in the Ringing World, please consider the space taken up by long footnotes. In particular, we ask readers to avoid quoting large parts of the WWI Roll of Honour as well as extra information, where this former text has already been printed in these pages. When submitting performances to the RW from BellBoard you can edit the text that will appear in print; please consider abridging this from the version on BellBoard, where there are no space restrictions. We reserve the right to edit longer footnotes, but would prefer to print as submitted where possible.

  5. RWNYC 2018

    The eighth Ringing World National Youth Contest will take place on Saturday, 7th July 2018 in London, hosted by the Southwark Cathedral Society of Bellringers, where 22 teams will be competing for the Whitechapel Trophy.

    We’re particularly pleased to welcome the Brumdingers, Bucks and Berks Young Ringers and Go Bellistic!, all of whom are entering the contest for the first time.

    There will be three qualifying heats in the morning and the top 2 teams from each heat will go through to the final at St James Garlickhythe in the afternoon. In addition to the contest, there will be the opportunity for competitors to ring at other towers in London, handbell ringing workshops and other activities! Details of the day will be published in due course.

    The following 22 teams will be competing:

    • Bath & Wells
    • Bedfordshire Young Ringers
    • Brumdingers
    • Bucks and Berks Young Ringers
    • Coventry Spires
    • Derbyshire Young Ringers
    • Essex Young Eagles
    • Fen Tigers
    • Guildford DG Young Ringers
    • Go Bellistic! (Salisbury DG)
    • Kent Young Ringers
    • Leicester Rising Ringers
    • Lincolnshire Gamekeepers
    • Lincolnshire Poachers
    • Oxford DG
    • Surrey Young Ringers
    • Sussex Young Ringers
    • The G&B
    • W&P Youths
    • Worcester Cathedral
    • Yorkshire Tykes
    • Young @ Herts