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  1. RWNYC Results

    After an exciting (and hot!) day of young ringing at the Eighth Ringing World National Youth Contest yesterday in London...

    The following teams reached the Final:

    5= Fen Tigers - B

    5= Young @ Herts - B

    3= Bedfordshire Young Ringers - B+

    3= Yorkshire Tykes - B+

    In second place, the winners of the Method Ringing category and the Ringing World Editor’s Trophy for Excellence, are the Oxford DG (A-).

    The overall winners of RWNYC2018, winning the Gold Medal for the Call Changes category and winners of the Whitechapel Trophy, are the Sussex Young Ringers (A).

    The full results are available here.

  2. Long footnotes

    When submitting performances for print in the Ringing World, please consider the space taken up by long footnotes. In particular, we ask readers to avoid quoting large parts of the WWI Roll of Honour as well as extra information, where this former text has already been printed in these pages. When submitting performances to the RW from BellBoard you can edit the text that will appear in print; please consider abridging this from the version on BellBoard, where there are no space restrictions. We reserve the right to edit longer footnotes, but would prefer to print as submitted where possible.