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  1. Delayed RW delivery

    Many subscribers are reporting late Ringing World delivery each week due to postal disruptions. While our usual policy is to send out replacement copies if you do not receive it by the following Thursday, for the moment we ask subscribers to wait until the following Monday (ten days after publication) before getting in touch with the office to request a replacement copy.

  2. Distributed Performances

    For those who wish to submit performances to BellBoard that were rung on online platforms such as Ringing Room, Handbell Stadium or Muster, we suggest the following format on the submission form:

    Place: the online platform (e.g. ’Ringing Room’)

    County (or country): the region shared by the band (e.g. ’Bristol’, ’UK’, ’Europe’, ’USA’ or ’World’)

    After each ringer name: Add their individual location in brackets

    Dedication: Leave blank

    If you wish to add further location details, please use the footnotes field. Do not use the ’Details’ box, which should only be used for composition details.

    Distributed performances may be submitted for print in The Ringing World in the normal way. Donations towards the RW can also be added in the normal way. Excessive footnotes may be edited in the normal way.

  3. BellBoard performance submissions

    Unless you believe it to be of wider interest, please refrain from posting performances where a computer has controlled one or more of the bells, whether on a simulator or a personal computer.

    While we appreciate that the community aspect of BellBoard may be helping many ringers feel connected during this difficult time, there have been lots of performances posted recently which we believe are not appreciated by many of our users and don’t help BellBoard keep consistent records of change ringing.

    We support tolling, performances by bands ringing on simulators or computers, and performances that genuinely reflect change ringing (including call change ringing) performed entirely by people, even if the sound is electronic.

    Users may wish to use the Facebook group ’BellBoard for simulators’.

  4. Vacancy: Digital Assistant

    The Ringing World Ltd wants to develop its online presence by recruiting a digital assistant to the dedicated staff team. We are committed to investing in this direction even in this difficult time, and we look forward to meeting talented developers interested in a flexible and enjoyable role developing digital technology for the good of ringers.

    The working pattern is dependent on the successful candidate’s situation, probably 2–4 days a week, with flexible working. Salary subject to experience, working costs and expenses covered, and a generous holiday allowance.

    See here for more details. Contact the Editor with further queries or to apply.

    Will Bosworth

    8 May 2020