Saturday 8th October

Rochdale, St Chad
1260 Plain Bob Triples
Sunday 9th October
East Crompton, St James
1320 Kent & PB Minor
by Branch Officers and Committee Members
 Balderstone, St Mary, 1288 Grandsire Triples  Milnrow, St James, 1260 Plain Bob Minor
 Heywood, St Luke, 1344 Plain Bob Major  Newhey, St Thomas, 1250 Cambridge S Major
 Todmorden, St Mary, 1260 Doubles
Many happy returns of the day to Helen Rigby
and welcome to Rev, Ivan Ruiters
Heptonstall, St Thomas the Apostle
1282 Superlative Surprise Major

Wednesday 5th October

Glodwick, St Mark, 1260 Grandsire Triples
To belatedly celebrate Derek Sanderson's 87th birthday.

CRAG (the Council Review Action Group) are now moving on to look at the role of a central body. More details, including a request for feedback, at the link below: CRAG review part 2
Leeds & Liverpool Canal 200th
October 2016 sees the 200th anniversary of the inaugural passage of the Leeds and Liverpool canal. The canal society contacted me in late 2015 to see if we could recreate the original press report of the “bells rang out from churches”. Their original challenge was could all the towers in Blackburn ring: I understand Blackburn was the last section of the canal to be opened in 1816. However, by early 2016 the society were asking for all churches to ring along the full length of the canal. A much larger undertaking and too much for me to organise. Fortunately, the Yorkshire Association and Martin Daniels for the LACR were up to the challenge and have been working with the canal society for many months.
Arrangements are in place for ringing to take place from church towers within earshot of the canal as the shortboat Kennet recreats the 1816 Inaugural Passage. As she travels from Leeds to Liverpool our first tower is East Marton(3) on the evening of Monday 17th October and our last tower is Liverpool Pier Head(12) during the afternoon of Sunday 23rd. I have enclosed a draft programme if you would like to join in some of the ringing.
Please note all times are still subject to change and are dependant upon the progress of the Kennet. Keep checking back for a revised programme.
Ray Hutchings

Revised Programme.