Please note that there will be no ringing at St Michael’s Croston from Monday June 5th until at least the end of October during major repair/renovation work on the church.  Depending on what is uncovered during the renovations the work may take longer.

Original post May 3rd

The reports for 2016 (issued in 2017) were distributed to the branch secretaries at the LACR AGM last weekend. If you haven't received it yet, I'm sure it's heading your way shortly.

This year sees the very first full colour report, not that we really had enough time to really take full advantage of this. 

As is reasonably standard, in a document where there are 3004 thing that can go wrong, a couple have! The main one is that the printers have neglected to include pages 1 and 2. A couple of really notable other ones are that the report contains the treasurers verbal report (not the accounts, they are right) from 2015, and that there has been a problem with member peal figures for anyone who rang peals in 2015. The 2016 figures were added to the total from 2014, not 2015. A number of smaller inaccuracies have also been pointed out. 

As there was a problem with the printing, I am in negotiations with the printers to have a good number of reports reprinted. I'm trying to get any mistakes rectified in the process, something that is not guaranteed. They may insist on just correcting their mistake. Either way, I am not planning on getting a full reprint run done. If you would really like one of the reprinted reports, get a pre-order in with either myself or your branch secretary. If I do manage to get the mistakes corrected I will hopefully get enough to allow all those affected to have a new copy.

The electronic copy will be available as soon as I've corrected the mistakes.

Watch this space for updates when I have them.

Andy Ingham


LACR Report Officer


Update May 8th

The printers have accepted the new corrected 'artwork' and will be issuing a limited reprint. The electronic copy is now on the website under home/downloads.


Update May 31st

The reports are now available for those who would like them. I will be sending a good number of copies to the branch secretaries, so please enquire with your branch for details of how to get hold of one.


The Annual Meeting of the Central Council will be held in Edinburgh on Bank Holiday Monday 29th May.

The CRAG report has now been published and proposes fundamental changes to the way the Council is organised and run.

Our Central Council Reps have only a few weeks to digest the proposed changes and would welcome any feedback.

Please see the Officers and Contacts page for the names and contact details of your Council Reps.


See also the Central Council website for full details including links to the CRAG report, summary and FAQ page.

The May 12th issue of The Ringing World includes helpful coverage of the CRAG proposals and the online version is available for free. Please visit BellBoard to download your copy.