A thank you letter from the Leeds Liverpool Canal Society:




We are writing to ‘Thank you’ for helping us to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the 1st Passage marking the opening of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal on the 22nd of October 1816.


Kennet and the accompanying ‘Flotilla’ left Leeds at the start of the canal in Yorkshire, on the 15th October 2016 and we arrived in Liverpool on Sunday 23rd October. Some boats went all the way and some just travelled for part of the way being replaced by others. Nearly every Town, Village and Community came out to see us, and most places had Church bells ringing as we went past. Many schools along the route had children waiting and cheering as we passed.  Regularly along the Canal we were able to moor for a short time and receive a formal greeting from the local mayor.


We would like to take this opportunity to offer massive and heartfelt thanks to you all for helping us to create the longest continuous canal festival for 200 years.  Without the support and encouragement of local authorities, community and voluntary groups, churches, schools, the flotilla and the Canal & River Trust this would not have been possible.


Thanks to the local authorities.  We believe that we ‘collected’ a full set of mayors along the canal.  Local authorities, through their fulltime officers and elected councillors, mobilised local resources to help us along the way.


Thanks to the community and voluntary groups.  The turnout of groups from local communities and churches can only be described as ‘fantastic’.  Bells were rung at numerous locations.  Choirs greeted us from the towpath.  And the steady flow of teas, coffees and butties from the canal side was most heartwarming (not to mention the other parts of our bodies).


Thanks to the schools.  At many locations individual classes or whole schools were there to cheer us along.  We are grateful for the teachers and headteachers who allowed this to happen.  We sincerely hope that they felt adequately rewarded with the educational value of the canal and of the commemoration of the first full passage.


Thanks to the flotilla.  We couldn’t have done it alone.  The accompanying flotilla turned the commemoration into a celebration.  The line of bedecked boats provided a stunning sight as it arrived at critical event points along the way and weaved its way along the canal.


Thanks to the Canal & River Trust.  Last but by no means least was the contribution of the Canal & River Trust.  Fulltime staff and volunteers turned out along the way to help the flotilla through locks and swing bridges.  CRT VIPs accompanied us on most legs of the passage.


We do very much appreciate that behind every group there was a network of individuals.  We would be most grateful if you could ensure that our thanks are passed on to them as well.


Here’s to the next two hundred years of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal!

The following may be of help to ringers attending the ten bell striking competition at Blackburn.
Since major building works have been completed at the Cathedral, there is limited parking available. I suggest it is best to work on the assumption that you won't be able to park in the Cathedral Court grounds. The following links give the positions of available car parks.
The car park on Mincing Lane, pay and display, is very close to the Cathedral and from memory a couple of hours parking will cost around £3.