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This document describes how to ring online with your tower members.

Download a copy

To all Association members
Following the announcement concerning the Covid 19 Coronavirus by the Prime Minister, your LACR Officers have had to consider in the short term, the impact it will have on our ability to function as a ringing association, and as ringers generally. 
Please see the Covid-19 advice page with a resume the Webmasters have put together for us and is also available on the CCCBR website. . 
Our AGM is approaching and following consultation with the Trustees and advice regarding the current situation -  which could possibly escalate further if it fails to work -  I have decided to take action now to postpone the AGM on the 25th April, which was to be held in the Rossendale Branch. Although courses and practices have already been postponed or cancelled, this decision has not been taken lightly and has taken into account the "In extremis" situation, which although does not fit with Association rules, has a common sense approach regarding the safety of ringers and those associated with them. It is also fairer to the Rossendale Branch who were to organise the AGM, and were concerned about whether it would go ahead or not.
It could happen that the situation settles down, but at the present time I don't think anyone really knows what is going to happen in the next few weeks. The images from Italy are alarming and all of us need to make efforts to stem the spread of the virus, to take it seriously and to start the process of "social distancing".
Once the dust settles your officers will reorganise the AGM. What date this will be I cannot say at present. One of the suggestions made has been the Committee meeting day in September, but others can be considered and of course sooner if that is possible, with due notice. Whenever the date is determined, the officers will continue with their duties until the AGM to make sure the Association continues to function while this situation is ongoing.  .
With all good wishes

Fr. Martin Daniels



The LACR is keen to foster online ringing as a means to keep ringing active during the current COVID crisis.

The online collaboration tool Zoom has been identified as an excellent resource to help with ringing on line, bit the free edition limits users to 40 minutes after which the session expires.

To help with this, the LACR have purchased a Zoom license which gives unlimited time in the conference and also supports multiple Zoom rooms. This is available to any member of the LACR.

In the short term, please contact the webmaster (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) about using this facility. In the longer term it is hoped that access to this facility can be co-ordinated via an online scheduling resource.