Ringing for England

In springtime, the only pretty ring time,
When birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding
                                                                As You Like It



St George's Day falls on a Saturday this year and what better way to celebrate our famous dragon slayer than by marking the occasion with a great, and almost unique, English tradition?


  On 23rd April we aim to join many other parts of the country by ringing out as many church bells as possible in Rochdale, Oldham and Todmorden. We are challenging ourselves to a Rolling Ring starting at Rochdale and then ringing in succession at other churches including Heywood, Middleton, Balderstone, East Crompton, Oldham(Leesfield), Newhey, Littleborough(Shore) and finishing in Todmorden with ringing at the Unitarians and St Mary’s. Listen out for the bells ringing across the towns celebrating England’s Day.

Go to ringingforengland.co.uk for more on ringing for St. George’s Day.

Download a copy of the Poster

Publicity Notes


Please can you display the Rochdale Branch programme in your tower and encourage your ringers to attend the meetings.

Everyone is welcome and it is an opportunity to meet ringers from other towers, to ring new methods and to practice methods we might not get chance to ring at our own towers.

Please can you check when we are planning to visit your Tower and confirm that the bells will be available on the proposed date.

Please note the February Meeting will be held on the first Saturday, 6th February. I have also attached a separate notice advertising this.

This year St George’s Day is on a Saturday. This is a great opportunity for us to ring and get some publicity at the same time. I will send out further details soon.

And finally in October we are proposing to hold a Quarter Peal Day instead of our usual branch meeting. Details to follow.

Please get involved in Branch activities. Everyone is always welcome.

Here are the results of this year`s quiz night held, as usual, at Bamber Bridge and County Catholic Club, Bamber Bridge, Preston on Sunday 3rd January 2016:

1. Pepsi Max – 96
2. Brindle – 93
3. Lancaster Bombers – 92
4. Rochdale – 86
5. Roughyeds – 83.5
6. They Should Be the Winners (if the right questions were asked!) – 83
7. We`ll Say Who We Are If We Win – 81
8. Going Like The Clappers – 74
9. Joint – Tetrapak, East Hoghton – 73
11. Wigan Peers – 70
12. Lets Get Quizzical – 69
13. The Bunnocks (Penwortham) – 60
14. The Houghton Hoghtons – 53
15. The Macs – 52
16. The Blind Beggars – 51

There was a total of 130 points available!

So, new winners lifted the trophy this year, being a team of non-ringers, well done. As can be seen, it was a close fought contest, particularly the top positions, but all teams were not far apart. The highlight of the evening for me is reading out all the team names at the end, very original and witty!
This year numbers were down slightly on last year, having approx. 75 quizzers in 16 teams (2015 – 83 and 18 teams). Nevertheless, it was still a good turnout and a big thank-you to everybody for supporting the event and helping to raise £350 for the Bell Restoration Fund.
I hope everybody enjoyed themselves and see you all again next year, same venue. However, the first Sunday of 2017 is New Years Day so the quiz will be held on the second Sunday, 8th January 2017.