Please could you inform branch members (and any other ringers who may not already know) of Frank's death on 3rd November.  

His funeral will be at St Silas, Blackburn at 2pm on Monday 21st November. There will be ringing from 1pm.

His family would appreciate knowing how much he was loved and respected by a good attendance at his funeral.


Many thanks,

Jean Barnes (on behalf of the St Silas ringers)

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Becky Dunnett and I am the

Managing Director of Mendip Ropemakers Limited.

We are a relatively new bell rope manufacturer, established in 2012 and
based near Taunton in Somerset. Despite advertising in The Ringing World,
various association reports and magazines, we are still not well known in
many parts of the UK.

Over the last four years our company has gone from strength to strength,
supplying ropes to towers throughout the UK and internationally within
countries such as Australia, Canada, USA and South Africa. In 2014 we moved
to a brand new premises allowing us to grow considerably and in 2015 we
were awarded the ‘New Business of the Year Award’ by the Somerset Chamber
of Commerce; an achievement we are all very proud of.

Business has been good and over the past four years we have been steadily
manufacturing bell ropes to the highest of standards. June of this year saw
the EU Referendum and unfortunately following on from this we have seen a
fall in the number of bell rope orders due to the uncertainty that
currently surrounds our country.

Over the last few decades the availability of bell ropes has been rather
difficult due to a lack of reliable manufacturers and increasing delivery
times. Starting Mendip Ropemakers in 2012 was hopefully a remedy to this.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of new, incoming orders we are again at risk
of losing another supplier and I am writing to ask if you could ‘SPREAD THE
WORD’ amongst your association! We are offering very competitive prices and
extremely fast lead times for complete sets and individual bell ropes and
would be grateful of the support of all Churches and bell ringers who are
yet to hear about us.

I thank you in advance for your support and hope that in the future we can
keep the bells ringing with some Mendip Ropemakers bell ropes!

I have attached a poster to this email to be used within towers in your

Yours Sincerely,
Becky Dunnett (Managing Director)

Mendip Poster

Other ropemakers are available:

Ellis and Pritchards  |  Mendip Ropes  |  Taylor's

This year’s competition will take place on Saturday 26th November 2016 at Blackburn Cathedral (25-1-14)

It has been decided this year to hold the competition in the morning as people have other commitments.  The draw will take place at 10.00 am and the competition will commence immediately after the draw.  In order to try and attract more teams, the rules have been relaxed slightly this year.

The competition is open to groups of 10 ringers made up from any branch of the LACR.  As usual, to give teams some equality against each other, no more than 6 ringers may come from any one tower (with an exception made for the Sodor & Man Branch!). Tea and biscuits will be available.  There are a number of pubs/restaurants in Blackburn so anyone wising to stay around for lunch is well catered for.

The test piece is a minimum of 270 changes of Caters or Royal. Five minutes practice is allowed.

There is no entry fee this year. It would be appreciated very much if team captains would let Beth Ingham  know as soon as they have their team finalised so we have an idea of many teams to expect on the day.

If you require any further details or have any problems, please let Beth Ingham know. 0161 8816546 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.