Dove News

Recent news from the online version of Dove's Guide
  1. Interruption of Service

    Please note that there will be no updating of Dove between approx midday Wednesday 28 June and the following Monday 3 July, nor will e-mails addressed to Dovemaster be dealt with during that period. We will, as usual, try to use absence of the Edit Details facility during this, or any other, period during which our service will predictably fall below the norm.
  2. Recent Updates

    After kindly liaising with us about the optimum way to do so, Bill Hibbert has provided a file of just over 500 bell nominals for inclusion within the pNBR. Within in his data are corrections for about 15 bells where we already had a value, and also about 500 new measurements. Where possible, we try to show values determined in just one recording rather than on different occasions and using different equipment. These have enabled a number of changes to be made to the note of the ring concerned. All values provided by Bill are showing as from the build / upload of today. Should anyone else wish to offer us data in bulk, we strongly encourage prior discussion: doing so eases the tasks involved at both ends of the exchange.
  3. New Fields in dove.txt file

    Two fields have been added to each record for a ring in dove.txt which will ease correlation between Dove data and records in the George Dawson NBR diocesan spreadsheets.
  4. New Dove Stewards

    We are pleased to welcome Doug Davis and Tim Pett as new Dove Stewards. Appointed at the recent Council meeting in Edinburgh, they will gradually take over the running of the database just as soon as the existing (DOS-based!) system is replaced by one which is more future-proof and is being developed by Richard Smith. In the meantime and although officially now no longer a Dove Steward, John Baldwin will endeavour to maintain the service offered hitherto.
  5. New Dove Stewards needed

    Tim Jackson and John Baldwin feel that - after more years than either dreads to count - the time has come for them to take a rest from the work of maintaining Dove online. This news was made known at the recent CC Admin Cttee meeting. Replacement Dove Stewards will need to learn the tasks (and frustrations) involved with maintaining a consistent set of accurate information for the Exercise. People who would like to know more about the job are invited to get in touch with Tim (who endeavours to keep John under control in this regard!) and either Tim or John will be pleased to try to elaborate more about what is involved. Nominations for stewards must be with the CC Secretary no later than 29th March. A candidate for the post of Steward does not necessarily have to be a CC member but may find themself elected as an ex officio Member.