Dove News

Recent news from the online version of Dove's Guide
  1. It is approaching the time of year when many people take the opportunity of having a break from the normal routine; Dovemaster is no exception. In the course of the next few months there will be several occasions when the Dove webpages will neither be updated as frequently nor as immediately as has become the norm. Please understand that this does not necessarily imply that your valued e-mails will not have arrived, but that we are possibly away from our desk for a day or five (or even more). You can rest assured that those which have arrived will be dealt with, so please be patient. We will try to use absence of the Edit Details facility to indicate when Dovemaster is likely to be delayed in dealing with his Dove duties.

  2. CC Meeting: Dove Report

    Unfortunately neither of the Dove Stewards is able to be present at the forthcoming Council meeting at Portsmouth. Our report on 2015 has been published along with the Council papers (see RW2016/p488). If any Council member has a question which they would have liked us to answer in person at the meeting, do please feel free instead to send it to us by email (using the Dovemaster link on this webpage, bottom lh corner) and we will do our best to provide the Officers with a reply which can be presented on our behalf.
  3. Guild / Association websites

    Avid users of this site may have noticed that in the recent past we have made changes to URLs for a number of towers. This has been done without explicitly marking them as Dove updates simply because to identify each and every one would swamp the recent Updates list which we feel is useful: in particular it acts as as an audit trail and which may be especially helpful for those who wish to keep their own records up to date. These changes have occurred as a result of the relevant guild or branch moving its host; specific recent examples are the Wirral branch of Chester Guild, and the Ely DA. Such moves inevitably become essential from time to time. We invite those webmasters who find that, as and when they are in such a position, to liaise with us before (rather than after) embarking on such an exercise about minimising the task of keeping accurate the various tower URLs which we show.
  4. Updates / Corrections

    We do try hard to ensure that any such information sent to us is fully, and hopefully promptly, incorporated into our database (unless, of course, there is a good reason why such should not be done, in which case you can expect an explanation). In our standard acknowledgement we also endeavour to suggest that the task of the submitter is not actually entirely complete until he/she has checked that their version of the revised data has been incorporated as appropriate, and in all respects. Once again we ask that you do not consider that your job has been completed just with the initial sending of an update request.
  5. Milestone

    Today has seen the addition of the 10,000th update for the pNBR section of the Dove website. Our renewed thanks to all who assiduously work to ensure that the information we show is as accurate as possible.