Dove News

Recent news from the online version of Dove's Guide
  1. Thanks

    Those who watch the pNBR updates column (on the rhs of this page) can hardly have failed to notice that David Sloman has been assiduously adding bellframe information for Dove rings. Today sees him having reached the end of the alphabet having started out in April 2016. According to our records, he has supplied us with almost exactly 1300 such updates; there can be few people with such tenacity. Thank you David. We encourage others who have data about rings that we do not currently show, to follow his example.
  2. Service resumed

    We are pleased to announce that normal service has been resumed and that Edit Details has been re-enabled. Dovemaster will attempt to deal with all outstanding items as quickly as possible. Our renewed apology that such an interruption proved to be essential even though it was considerably shorter in duration than had been feared unavoidable.
  3. Interruption of Service

    Dovemaster will be taking a break from Dove and no further updates will be published after today, Wednesday 1 November. We have turned off the Edit Details facility to prevent submission of pNBR updates; e-mails addressed to Dovemaster will neither be processed nor acknowledged. We apologise for this unavoidable break in service and will post a further News item in due course.
  4. iOS Dove App

    Regrettably we have been unable to keep the iOS Dove App up to date with changes to other software on which it depends. Accordingly we advise that this app is no longer available; nor does it work satisfactorily under iOS8.
  5. Home sought for Bound RWs

    Bound copies of the RW for the years 1967-69, 1971, 1973-75, and for 1979, are seeking a good home. No purchase price is sought, but a donation to The Sharpe Collection Trust would be appropriate as they were previously owned by the late Mary Bliss. The new owner is expected to arrange for them to be moved from Cardiff as soon as convenient to both parties: contact John Baldwin.