How it all began:

It was announced at the end of November 2016 that Manchester Cathedral had been awarded a £500,000 grant from the First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund.

“The final phase of a two year grants programme to English cathedrals for urgent repairs has been announced. Grants totalling £5,423,000 have been awarded to 24 Church of England and Catholic cathedrals for repairs including to stained glass windows, stone pinnacles, and roofs as well as drainage and lighting. Manchester Cathedral has been awarded £500,000 for emergency repair works needed to its tower”

The work at Manchester will include a new flat roof on the tower, replacement of the louvers and removal of painted finish to the ringing chamber walls from the ceiling to the level of the coat hangers. We did ask if sound control could be included but the idea was unfortunately dismissed. 
The tower was handed to the contractors on Friday 19th May 2017 thus becoming a building site with restricted access. As the following weekend was a Bank Holiday we asked the Cathedral Administrator if he could secure a stay of execution to enable us to ring for the annual Whit Walks on the Bank Holiday Monday, this he succeeded in doing. In the meantime the terrible events of the Arena bombing placed the Cathedral within the police cordon until the following Thursday but as we had been granted permission to ring up to the holiday Monday we managed a band to ring a quarter peal on the day before to celebrate the Spirit of the People of Manchester, in the wake of the recent atrocity at the Manchester Arena. The Dean asked why the bells were ringing on Sunday afternoon, and when we sent him the link to Bellboard he kindly placed it on the Cathedral Facebook page. So, we rang another quarter peal for the walks, took the ropes off the bells and locked the tower door. The work is expected to last in the region of 12 months but hopefully will be less. The contents of the Ringing Chamber including the LACR Library are being stored at Sacred Trinity Church and can be accessed if required.